Video Recap of Camp Ketchum

Camp Ketchum has come and gone, but not before new connections were made and Ketchum’s global bond grew stronger.

What exactly is Camp Ketchum? Here’s a summary in the words of Ray Kotcher, Senior Partner and CEO of Ketchum:

“It was back in the summer of 1986 that Ketchum first brought to life a camp experience for promising up-and-coming employees as a way to build an esprit de corps among this group of Ketchum future leaders – helping them develop as leaders as well as learn about Ketchum methodologies and all we have to offer clients.”


This year’s session was held in Quebec, Canada and brought together 76 of our colleagues from 38 offices in 16 countries.

While Camp was taking place, our videographer was fast at work capturing moment after moment. I’d love to try and paint a picture of what Camp Ketchum is, and was, but the video below will do a much better job. Take a moment and watch the video to learn what Camp Ketchum is all about.
Blog Posts
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