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As a communications consultancy, we offer deep industry expertise across travel, hospitality and leisure, paired with specialty experience that understands how important these industries are in driving business and economic growth. We are not your typical publicists—we are brand marketers and communications specialists first, some of us with MBAs in marketing and finance or graduate degrees in communications. We are the most creatively-awarded consultancy in our industry, and our sector is responsible for Ketchum’s most awarded PR-led campaign. From representing destinations, airlines, attractions, hospitality brands, recreational activities, entertainment offerings and everything in between, clients rely on us to break through and shift perspectives to attract and retain the right audiences. No other communications agency or consultancy has the trifecta of Travel, Hospitality & Leisure as a core competency – understanding how each functions individually and together.

Rebound Roadmap

Our most popular tool. If you’re a destination or travel brand, where are you on our Rebound Roadmap? Responsible, strategic communications is a powerful vehicle that you should not be afraid to activate. The stops within the road are areas we’ve seen trend amid the pandemic. You can turn off paid, and many have, but earned media and social chatter do not turn off, which is why communications is more relevant than ever. It’s a cost-effective way to inform, educate, and entertain your important audiences during this time. Check out how we can help along the way here.

Ketchum Compass

Ketchum Compass is our new digestible Q&A series featuring insights from travel/hospitality/leisure and country brand/investment promotion experts across the globe to help guide others within the industry in the right direction or spark ideas. Featuring five rapid-fire questions, each Q&A offers an industry leader perspective to help you get to know a little about the experts who are driving their rebound.

A Conversation with Lynn Osmond, president and CEO of Choose Chicago
A Conversation with Elliott L. Ferguson, president and CEO of Destination DC
A Conversation with Ron Price, president and CEO of Visit Phoenix
A Conversation with Cleo Battle, President and CEO of Louisville Tourism
A Conversation with Julie Coker, President & CEO of the San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA)
A Conversation with Martinique Lewis, Award Winning Diversity in Travel Consultant
A Conversation with Natalia Bayona, Director of Innovation, Education and Investments at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
A Conversation with Chris Heywood, EVP/Global Communications at NYC & Company 
A Conversation with Diana Plazas, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer – Marriott International, Caribbean and Latin America
A Conversation with Leah Chandler, CMO of Discover Puerto Rico
A Conversation with Flavia Santoro Trujillo, President of ProColombia
A Conversation with Kristin Fitzgerald, Marketing & Public Relations Manager, Six Flags Great Adventure
A Conversation with Jaime Miller, Executive Director, Uruguay XXI
A Conversation with Carla James, Director, Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA)
A Conversation with Ms. Rachel Loh, Regional Director, Americas, Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Insights from our Travel, Hospitality & Leisure Experts

Check out our collection of POVs and recommendations from our travel experts for destinations and travel brands on how to navigate COVID-19:

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Ketchum Travel, Hospitality & Leisure in the News

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Diversity and Inclusion within Travel, Hospitality & Leisure

We’re proud and humbled to donate communications expertise to our chosen pro bono partner, Black Travel Alliance, in support of our joint mission of ensuring equal representation of POC within the global tourism industry. Together, we can help destinations and travel brands achieve inclusivity goals while strengthening external and internal diversity efforts. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Bettina Garibaldi is an Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Ketchum’s Travel, Hospitality & Leisure sector. She brings years of experience leading integrated marketing communications campaigns and is an expert at building and elevating travel, hospitality and leisure brands through corporate communications, media relations, consumer engagement, and strategic partnerships and events. She has a Masters from NYU in corporate communications and has received numerous best-in-class awards for campaigns she’s spearheaded — including Ketchum’s most awarded PR-led campaign for one of her destination clients. She’s originally from Argentina and fluent in Spanish. Bettina is a PRWeek 40 Under 40 2020 recipient and a 2021 HSMAI Top 25 most extraordinary marketing leader recipient. Her motto is: Collect special moments, not things. ​

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