Top 3 Reasons to Apply to the Ketchum Summer Fellows Program

fellowsOur Summer Fellows Program in New York City has begun accepting applications.

The Summer Fellows Program offers a chance to play an active role within one of our various practice areas. Our Fellows are immersed in the day-to-day work flow of our account teams and the activities of our office. The program is structured so as to provide Fellows with a well-rounded, hands-on experience from drafting press releases and pitching to assisting with fun events across the office.

Here are the top 3 reasons to apply to the Summer Fellows Program:

  1. Diversity in your day-to-day: As a Fellow, you have the opportunity to be included on a lot of exciting work. In addition to daily responsibilities that the account teams rely on Fellows to do, Fellows also have the chance to be engaged on a number of different events for clients across the agency. Last summer, our Fellows participated in number of media events including a Today Show ambush for a client. Events such as this one provided them with a holistic learning experience and an in-depth look into how industry partnerships function. Our program also provides ongoing training sessions through Ketchum University and the opportunity to participate in brainstorms and office enrichment activities.
  2.  Amazing people and atmosphere: Ketchum offers a true community feel and the Fellows are fully integrated into the agency’s culture from the very first day.  Fellows are invited and encouraged to take part in Ketchum’s various extracurricular activities such as Kickball, Ketchum Run Club, Ketchum bowling and Ketch-of-the-Month, to name a few. Everyone at the agency is extremely friendly, positive and willing to take the time to offer up their expertise and share their experience.  Fellows will instantly feel like valued members of the team and feel empowered by the value that they add throughout the program.
  3. Challenges and rewards: With any new role comes challenges that create a stimulating work environment and amplify the Fellows’ feeling of satisfaction in securing that first media placement or proposing winning idea(s) in a brainstorm. Fellows will learn something new every day and will be presented with work that stretches them. Fellows also work on a final project where they are presented with a realistic client challenge(s) and are then asked to solve that challenge in the form of a new business pitch for one of our current clients. This project teaches our Fellows a lot about team work and how to best leverage Ketchum’s breadth of internal resources.

Here’s what some of our 2012 Fellows had to say about their personal experiences:

“Week 1 as a Summer Fellow, I would call myself a recent college graduate with a degree in Communication, meandering my way about one of the most well-known PR agencies. By Week 10, I saw myself more as a cultivated young professional with anticipation to pursue a career in communications. The experience taught me what a respected PR agency is all about.” – Victoria Rainone, Account Coordinator

“The summer fellowship offered me opportunities to engage in the PR world that previous internships had not; not only was I a fully integrated team member working across multiple brands, the fellowship presents the very rare opportunity for entry level individuals to create a fully integrated campaign for a huge brand name client, and present that campaign in front of both the client and the entire agency.” – Chloe Kivestu, Account Coordinator

“I literally can’t imagine a better experience for someone about to enter the PR industry. Ketchum’s experiences and resources are truly unmatched, really positioning each Fellow for a great career in the industry. This is a very exciting time for Ketchum as it continues to gain momentum through new business and relationship development with new and existing clients, and I am beyond excited to be with the agency during such an exciting time.” – Michelle Nielsen, Research Associate

“Getting admitted into the Ketchum Summer Fellowship was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It has allowed me to find great friends, coworkers, and transition smoothly into the Big Apple. Moving across the country was difficult, and I still face challenges every day. But what is so special is that even though my family is 3,000 miles away, I have a ton of coworkers that I can connect with on a daily basis that I know will support me.” – Ryan Whitchurch, Account Coordinator

Ready to apply? We are currently accepting applications for our 2013 Summer Fellows Program. Click here to apply.

All Applications must be received by 11:59 ET on Thursday, February 28th. After you apply for the program, we will be in touch regarding next steps.