This Week’s Inspiration: Turning Useless Into Useful

Check out some of the most eye-catching campaigns and inspiring innovations shared throughout the past week by members of Ketchum’s global Creative Community.

The Useless Web
Submitted by Claudia Geidel

Claudia says, “Is there anything useful about The Useless Web – a site that connects people to some of the most impractical sites in the world? I think so – for instance, it could function as a random idea starter.”

The First 3D Printing Photo Booth
Submitted by Alastair Sibley

Alastair says, “If you’ve ever wanted to be able to print a tiny version of yourself or loved one, then you’ll be happy to hear that it’s now a possibility for consumers, at least it is in Japan. A pop-up shop containing a color 3D printer and full body scanner will be miniaturising select clients until February next year. It’ll set you back about $250, but it’s an interesting glimpse into a future where 3D printers and scanners are commonplace… online dating profiles will never be the same again.”

A Big Step for Consumer-Created Content
Submitted by Gabriela Sonnleitner

Gabriela says, “About a year ago, Coca-Cola published a new strategy focusing on letting consumers create content. Now their new website is online, and I find it spectacular. It’s all about story telling – about the brand, their products, the people, their CSR… just great.”

Politics Via Prezi
Submitted by Nick Patten

Nick says, “I think this is a really fantastic, simple way to present an infographic – just some great design and slick animation presented in an interactive way, but it really works well.”