This Week’s Inspiration: Google’s Zeitgeist

Check out some of the most eye-catching campaigns and inspiring innovations shared throughout the past week by members of our global Creative Community.

Google Zeitgeist Review Shows How Amazing 2012 Was
Selected by
Charlotte Haigh

This video gives us an inspiring look at what people around the world searched for this year on Google – an emotional recap of the past 12 months.

Bing Decode Jay-Z Case Study
Selected by Ryan Shell

Jay Z launched his autobiography, Decoded, earlier this year and partnered with online search engine Bing . The detail that went into this campaign is staggering and the way Bing succeeded in leveraging their partnership with the launch of Jay-Z’s autobiography is a clear success as Bing became part of the pop culture conversation and entered the global top ten most-visited sites.

The 10 Best Psychology and Philosophy Books of 2012
Selected by
David Gallagher

As we learned from Rob Flaherty’s recent conversation with neuroscientist David Eagleman, understanding how our minds work is one of the keys to understanding our business. This Brain Pickings list of books from this year provides much food for thought.

The Disappointments Diary
Selected by Markus Fischer

Sometimes it’s the little things that can turn an everyday event into something special. This 2013 date-book turns the idea of an “appointments diary” on its head, providing unexpected joy through a series of dark, humorous twists.

Break for Beauty
Selected by Robert Burnside

Creatologist’ Suzanne Merritt shares a new concept with her followers every week – ‘Beauty Breaks’ that encourage you to put aside regular moments to relax, refresh and fill your mind with simple 60-second videos of beautiful or relaxing things. Each week it’s a different image, and this week’s was especially relaxing – it’s inspiring to see what the wind can do. Check it out!