The Kids Clairvoyant Heat Things Up

December 20, 2012

Let’s not just come up with an Out Of The Box idea. Let’s really crawl out of a box.

In an effort to reach back pain sufferers in an unconventional manner, ThermaCare launched an educational and sampling program that invited thousands of back pain sufferers to experience the healing power of heat. Ketchum developed an integrated approach using online and offline influencers, micro-targeting – and why not – a contortionist in a glass box.

Forbes 30 Under 30. Named one of top 3 Marketing Communication Talents in The Netherlands at 25. Coordinated programs across 36 EMEA countries. Moved to New York City in 2012 to run some of the biggest digital accounts and then to the Bay Area. Technology beating heart and currently supporting clients like Mastercard, next47 and HPE. Passionate storyteller. Natural connector and avid traveler. Surfer, runner, yogi and certified personal trainer.