Finding Your Brand’s Technology White Space

In 2019, and beyond, every brand is a technology brand or will soon seek to be recognized as one.

All roads lead to and through technology. From retailing icons to disruptive startups, B2B stalwarts to “true” tech providers, companies across every industry and geography have a technology story to tell. But what exactly is it? And how can you ensure your tech tale will stand out in an increasingly noisy space?

Ketchum Technology White Space

Today marks the launch of Ketchum’s Technology White Space offering, a data- and research-driven landscape and competitive analysis offering that helps brands define their unique technology story – and provides the insights and tools to articulate it.

Every brand has some skin in the technology game – and that’s part of the problem. Finding what makes one brand’s technology different or better from its competitors gets harder every day. Whether a brand is already deeply rooted in technology, or is leveraging advancements to bolster its ability to serve customers, efforts to understand the conversation and uncovering that sweet spot of differentiation can shape a brand’s trajectory.

Here’s how our Technology White Space offering works: Once we understand your challenge or opportunity, and define research parameters, we call in Ketchum Analytics – one of the largest analytics, research and measurement groups in the communications industry – to discover and synthesize thousands of data points.

What’s next is a thorough analysis of those results, followed by the application of our proprietary White Space Algorithm to score each topic and sub-topic based on audience interest and media opportunity. By zeroing in on the most differentiating storylines, we will paint a picture of what the best approach might be for a brand’s near- and long-term marketing and communications initiatives – endeavors that can drive desired business outcomes. Like these… and more:

  • Maximizing conference or trade show presence by developing the right story in advance
  • Earning social permission among customers who increasingly value data privacy
  • Launching a new product in a way that maps to audience behaviors and preferences
  • Developing a fresh take on thought leadership
  • Choosing the right time to enter a new geographic market
  • Honing a social media strategy that addresses technology tipping points that are turning some consumers from brand advocates to “Techruptors” (see our recent Social Permission and Technology Study for more insights)

Having an ownable point of view in the technology space can help a brand reach its target audience faster, more precisely and more efficiently than ever before. And it can propel it to be recognized as a true leader in oft-crowded industries, a reputational factor that can drive both share of voice and sales.

It’s time to color in your technology white space. You really can’t wait. Not when your competitors are undoubtedly considering a similar data-driven approach – or have already done so.

Melissa is partner and North America portfolio leader for Technology and Food, Agriculture & Ingredients, specializing in corporate communications, issues management, business-to-business branding, corporate branding and strategic philanthropy/CSR.