Taking the Facebook-Skype Video Chat for a Spin

The video chatting competition between juggernauts is on! You have Google+’s video “hangouts” in one corner and Facebook-Skype video chat in the other corner. . .

In my blog post last week (“My Meeting with Jonathan Kopp plus Google+”), I was able to record Jonathan Kopp, Global Director of our Ketchum Digital group, switch to a random Google+ video chat right in the middle of a meeting. 

This week, continuing with this theme, we did a Facebook-Skype video chat between Alan Danzis, VP of Social Media at our New York office, and two summer fellows at our New York office, Evann Clingan and Alexandra Rogers. We didn’t create a script, we weren’t using the highest level of technology to record (so please turn up your volume), and we didn’t have much of a plan other than simply taking the Facebook-Skype video chat tool for a spin.
If you’re curious to see how it works, or hear some predictions and thoughts from Alan, Evann and Alexandra, or just want to see Alan in his sport jacket (if you watch the video, you’ll understand the reference), then click below and enjoy!


Adam is the Marketing & Communication Manager for Ketchum. He invented a board game which was acquired by the Parker Brothers & Milton Bradley lines at Hasbro in 2009 and has a new party game coming out in January of 2012 in collaboration with seven-time New York Times bestselling author, Neil Strauss. Feel free to check out his latest party game on his personal website, or connect with him on Twitter – @AdamKornblum.