Special Delivery: Boundless Creativity

With the launch a few months ago of Ketchum’s new brand promise, “break through,” and a renewed commitment to boundless creativity, Ketchum recently kicked off a Boundless Creativity Postcard Exchange program internally across its offices as a way to connect employees and remind everyone of Ketchum’s creativity credo: We are a culture committed to breaking down geographic and mental boundaries to produce a steadier flow of brilliant ideas that break through. Our imaginations are boundless, and so too are our ideas.
More than 2,000 postcards with Ketchum’s creativity credo were printed and distributed to every employee across the Ketchum network, more than 30 offices. Each colleague was asked to capture a creative idea, a creative moment, or something that inspires them to be creative, note it on their postcard, and send it to an assigned creative partner in another office. As a result, the Exchange connected people with colleagues in other parts of the world, creating a mutually inspiring creative bond.


The Boundless Creativity Postcard Exchange reminds us at Ketchum to look outside of our practice areas, our offices and our geographies for creative ideas and inspiration. By encouraging people to think and work beyond boundaries, our aim is to help them continually experience the benefits of creative collaboration by bouncing ideas off people across the world.

Below is a gallery of some of the standout postcards from various offices. I invite you to take a look at them and let me know what you think.