Social Media Week Recap

March 14, 2012

Each year, London looks forward to busy week of learning, sharing and networking during Social Media Week. This year, we here at Ketchum Pleon London got involved by offering our space to host theme and event brainstorms and the advisory board meetings – of which I was a member.

Social Media Week London (#SMWLDN) is coordinated by Chinwag and this year they had their work cut out for them! With over 180 events all over the city, London was all a-twitter. According to Brandwatch, London beat out the other participating cities – including New York and Hong Kong – to have the most buzz.

Image via Brandwatch.

The many events have appeal to newbies, intermediate and seasoned practitioners and, yes, even those who call themselves “guru”. In our office, we attended thirty+ events – from Using LinkedIn to drive B2B community, collaboration and sales to Google+ at SMWLDN and from Games to Brands to Managing an international social media presence without causing brand confusion. We covered a mix of personal and professional interests, as well as took the opportunity to network and make new connections within the social media community.

Here in the London office, our digital team offers a monthly lunch & learn for our peers on a variety of subjects and hot topics, and this year we hosted our second annual SMWLDN summary. Those who attended events summarised their key thoughts and take-aways, which we collected into one document, and presented it to the rest of the office who wanted to know what we learned. It was very difficult to just put down a few thoughts when there was so much to say, but those who contributed to the deck took their turn at the front of the room to elaborate on each point. Here are the events we talked about:


If you’d like to know more about any of these events, you can read more on the Social Media Week London site and watch the available live streamed presentations. Feel free to reach out to me, too, at @katematlock.