Social Amplification Alert: 5 Hot-button Paid Social Media Trends

As we strategize and implement ways to best navigate the recent Facebook algorithm changes, and the myriad of other social platform updates, and audience persona-label shifts, these 5 hot-button paid social trends have bubbled to the surface when ensuring future success for our digital clients.

1. Twitter:
Still chirping, as Twitter trends tend to do, the platform now offers “Promoted Thought Trends.” In essence, if you’re thinking about a hot-button moment in time the week prior, but don’t have the deep pockets to buy a typically high-priced planned “Promoted Trend,” any unsold inventory for 7-days prior of this ad placement will only cost you $75K.

Pro Tip: If there are upcoming key activation dates of interest to your brand, check with your local Twitter rep seven days prior to get first take at those golden unsold opportunities.

2. Facebook:
Not to get all Kappa Date Party 08’, but the biggest social media queen of all comebacks I think I’ve seen (open to be proved wrong) in a while (a la unexpected effect of algorithm changes, in which the expert eight ball predictions are correct so far, deeming ads on the platform as increasingly crucial) is… Facebook Events! They simply go gangbusters in the recent wonderful world of algorithm aspirations, and, you can score even more by boosting your event, optimized toward event responses!

Pro Tip: This is a great and easy way to give a brand announcement, stunt, launch, or actual physical event some extra “likable leverage.”

3. Influencer Amplification:
Toys, sports, haircare, avocados, cereal, supplements, you name it, the cutting-edge experts (literally, the experts themselves) have spoken and they have the digital power to amplify your brand message to the tenth degree. With incremental low-barrier to entry and agile setup abilities, we can guarantee a successful influencer partnership with paid media amplification stemming directly from influencer social channels.

Pro Tip (x3):

  • Paid media influencer amplification extends the campaign reach beyond the influencer’s organic reach to an even broader in-demographic audience using the same targeting tools that brands use to extend the reach of their owned posts. This ensures an even larger audience will be impacted and persuaded by the influencer’s brand message.
  • The influencer and brand will receive high levels of engagement and ROI when your message reaches a larger portion of your target audience with an influencer’s voice powering it.
  • At Ketchum, we’ve streamlined this often-cumbersome process by having our in-house paid amplification specialists work directly with our influencer teams, clients and talent to seamlessly promote campaign influencer content.

4. Instagram & Snapchat too!
Pretty and sometimes filtered-pink, “Swipe-Up” to learn more because Instagram (Stories) and Snapchat video ads are delivering 4x the website click conversion results than standard in-feed social platform ads. Pro Tip: They have no minimum spend to execute from a media spend perspective if run through our in-house agency dashboards. I’ll leave it at that!

5. LinkedIn:
Native video (and corresponding sponsored video ads) is finally here for all of your professional target audience reaching needs! Niche target audiences and executive thought leaders can attest that the time is now for your brand to test out how video ads on “undisputedly the most trusted platform” can help brain up your brand’s content marketing game.

Pro Tip: Though we’re still finding opportunities to test out LinkedIn native video promotion with clients, Justin Tyler, Senior Digital Strategist at Ketchum states, “I’ve seen a lot of brands on my personal feed using longer videos (i.e. 1:05) for their promotional content (note: important where longer videos won’t fly on above trending platforms), which doesn’t seem too surprising since LinkedIn users are used to the longer-form text content on the site. I’ve also seen brands utilizing video as a way to capture more leads, such as teasing a bit of info about their offerings, then directing the user to a custom landing page to download a whitepaper/fill out a form. Maybe it’s just me, but I definitely think it’s a much cooler way to get a new lead from the platform!”

Interested in taking your paid social media amplification game to the next level? Contact [email protected] to get started.