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Reputation by Permission

We exist in an age where information is shared instantly, and radical transparency is becoming the new normal. Reputation by Permission, our approach to reputation management, takes that concept a step further. It acknowledges that terms like "control, protect, safeguard, and manage" are anachronisms relative to reputation management, and the notion of transparency is now a table stakes expectation for any audience segmentation.

Reputation by Permission operates under the new reality that “businesses exist at the will of the people” and that reputation is truly co-created by key stakeholders. Listening before leading, and looking at reputation through the lens of your audience, has to be the foundation of a successful reputation management approach.

Ketchum’s three-step Reputation Permission Map utilizes a series of filters to help brands assess their current levels of permission, and develop strategies to fill in the gap between where they are now, and where they need to be. The three primary steps include:

1. Understanding your core narrative.
We explore your organization’s corporate value proposition, product attributes and response to current issues.

2. Mapping your reputation ecosystem.
We examine your organization’s key stakeholders—assessing your level of credibility with each and understanding how they interact.

3. Determining your organization’s permission threshold.
We use proprietary Reputation Roadmap research tools to evaluate the gap between the information is providing and the information your audiences need.