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Our Raleigh office (formerly Capstrat) uses a proven model of integration to offer clients a complete range of communications tools designed to maximize effectiveness and efficiency at the most critical moments. It’s a model that enables us to help our clients tell their stories with power and persuasion to the audiences that matter most to them. And most importantly, it’s a model that drives results.

Every day, our team in Raleigh is working with a diverse set of clients to launch websites and drive traffic through social media, create campaigns that translate seamlessly across channels offline, online and in mobile environment and tell stories through the written word and video experiences. And it’s all done by using analytics-driven insights, not just instinct so we know what’s working and what’s not and can adjust accordingly.

Raleigh joins offices in Dallas and Atlanta to comprise Ketchum South, which has expertise in corporate reputation, consumer branding, internal communications, and issues and crisis across the healthcare, technology, energy, and retail sectors. Raleigh specifically brings expertise in serving healthcare, healthcare technology and higher ed clients in branding, media buying, and data and analytics – which fills a unique need for the Ketchum network.