Our Fave: Trainer of the Month (Ketchum F.I.T.)

Meet Kristi Molinaro, the 30/60/90 HIIT maker and member of the Ketchum F.I.T. influencer network

These classes are a big deal! What inspired the start of 30/60/90?

After years of being a successful trainer in the early 2000s, but feeling like there was a better way, I stumbled upon a personal training certification book about how muscles don’t know sets and reps – they only know fatigue and failure, and the most important thing is to hit failure in the first ninety seconds of any movement. This was a light bulb moment for me. Now 10 years later, classes are often up to 50% men, there are over thirty 30/60/90 instructors and close to 4,000 people who take 30/60/90 every week religiously.

For the busy guy or gal on the go, why should they pick 30/60/90 as their go-to work out?

30/60/90 works and it works quickly! The class is around 38 minutes from start to finish and you get your cardio workout, including anaerobic pushes, strength workout to failure and core work.

You must have the energy of an energizer bunny! What inspires you to teach multiple fast-paced, heart-pumping classes daily?

Honestly the community is what has inspired me to teach between 17 and 22 classes a week for the past decade. The love of this class is truly unbelievable. Being able to help people change not only their bodies and fitness levels but also their minds and meet a whole new group of friends at the same time – what’s better than that?

What do your clients rave about after your class?

People who take the class frequently not only lose weight and gain strength, they also get a new attitude. We have a saying in 30/60/90 – ‘you can do anything for 15 seconds’…this is true in so many areas of our lives. Plenty of things seem daunting when you look at the big picture, but if you just take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute a time you will be surprised what you can accomplish.

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