Posts:July 2016

What’s Next for VR: 3 Big Trends on the Horizon

by Brandon Schuster| July 29, 2016

It is virtual reality’s time to shine! While the concept of VR has been around for years, it’s now the “next big thing” in the media and marketing world. Even with industry insiders screaming “FINALLY,” it’s no secret that VR has become a fast-growing space, especially as cameras have improved and viewership numbers increasing every […]

5 Secrets to Public Speaking for PR Professionals

by Shawn Paul Wood| July 27, 2016

Most people in public relations recall where they were, and what DEFCON phase of mental anguish they were in, when called upon for their first new business pitch. You’re exposed in front of the client. You’re vulnerable in front of the team. And you don’t have your Linus security blanket to conceal you from darts, […]

Pokémon GO for Retailers: Turning Gamers into Customers

by Kaitlin Taft| July 21, 2016

Throughout the last week, there have been so many questions about how brands can best capitalize on Pokémon GO, especially within retail locations that are seeing a sudden influx of gamers. Most want to know how to best engage these newfound visitors and create positive buzz (and potentially drive new business).

Our Fave: Trainer of the Month (Ketchum F.I.T.)

by Ketchum| July 20, 2016

Meet Kristi Molinaro, the 30/60/90 HIIT maker and member of the Ketchum F.I.T. influencer network These classes are a big deal! What inspired the start of 30/60/90? After years of being a successful trainer in the early 2000s, but feeling like there was a better way, I stumbled upon a personal training certification book about […]

How Will the Internet of Things Impact Digital PR?

by Marc Phillips| July 19, 2016

I recently had the opportunity to attend NYC Media Lab’s IoT Media Mash. The goal was to immerse myself in the ecosystem of connected devices (known as the Internet of Things—or IoT) and bring back learnings on how my Digital colleagues could better prepare for the advent of smart campaigns on numerous platforms. After a […]

Combating Our Fear of the Unknown

by Sharon Jones| July 14, 2016

The other day I was out grocery shopping and a small but significant encounter gave me pause to reflect. As I approached the doors to my local supermarket, I noticed three young black men talking to each other while standing on either side of the entrance. I also noticed walking just ahead of me a […]