VIDEO: A look ahead from Capstrat’s future CEO

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This week marks a change at Capstrat. On Tuesday, we announced new roles for our founder Ken Eudy (Chairman) and me (CEO/President), effective January 1. This transition, planned over time to ensure continuity in our leadership, is a significant change for our agency.

Yet, I believe other changes happening in our industry may prove to be even more important to our clients and our business going forward. Here are three areas of change that we’re focusing on in our agency:

First, the connection between reputation and brand is stronger than ever. Thanks in part to social media, what customers experience and what they say about their experience is driving brand more than big traditional ad budgets. Influencers, employees and other stakeholders also have a voice, and we’re seeing the impact of these groups too. Clients are looking for agencies that can balance reputation management and brand building and tie both to bottom-line results.

That’s where analytics come in. A second trend we see is increased integration of analytics throughout every aspect of communications. It’s not enough to use data at the beginning of campaigns and then measure at the end. Today we’re able to realize the value of applying analytics in real time to inform and improve results through rapid iteration. This will enable us to produce better results with more certainty. It’ll reduce the subjectivity and guesswork in our business. Greater access to data requires not just analytics specialists to get better at interpreting and apply data. Because what matters is what we do with the data – the insight, the idea.

Third, we’re at the dawn of a generational change in the workplace. Gen Xers are assuming executive roles, Gen Z is about to enter the workforce and that large group you may have heard about – Millennials – is moving into leadership and management roles. We’ll see this in our agencies and with our clients. It’s exciting to think about the potential impact – collaborative workplaces, a greater fluency in all things digital and a truly global perspective.

As Ken and I move into new roles at Capstrat next year, we’re both embracing the possibilities that all these changes bring for our clients and our industry. We’re an agency built for change, so we’re excited for what’s next.

To learn more about Karen’s appointment, click here to view the press release.

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