Helping Wellness Shine Through in a Crowded Holiday Marketplace

The holidays are here, which means my excitement for the festivities is on the rise—along with my stress about getting everything done. Why does this happen? It’s supposed to be a season of joy, when endless buffets of holiday fare satisfy our appetites, cheerful gatherings fill up our calendars, and friends and family travel long distances to spend precious moments together. Instead, all that holiday cheer runs the risk of being sabotaged by temptation, toxicity and stressors.

It doesn’t have to be that way. For me, the holidays mark my re-commitment to my wellness journey, because without insightful preparation my goals fall to the wayside. Just ask the sugar cookies, the eggnog cheesecake bars or the snooze button on my alarm clock.

As communication professionals, we understand the nuances as well as the rich opportunity the holiday season offers both consumers and brands:

  • On the consumer side, holiday marketing campaigns inundate us on the web, email, social media and television by enticing us in the same way: “What must we have, where can we get it and how soon?” Amidst this deluge, how can the average consumer possibly integrate wellness into their holiday season without losing their mind?
  • From a brand perspective, how can we be mindful when marketing products and services to wellness consumers? In a key selling season that relies on mass consumption, how can brands be authentic and meaningful? Gimmicky ploys like “using well to sell” do little for brand loyalty and long-term engagement—it’s a slippery slope if you’re not prepared.

This year, as I wear both my consumer and brand marketer hats, I’m especially thankful for Ketchum’s new Wellness Councila group of premiere influential leaders in the wellness community. Together, they’ve teamed up to offer four holiday wellness-inspired blogs (see links below), sharing their insights to help consumers have a thriving wellness holiday and to help brands break through the clutter and connect with their audiences.

This year, my personal wellness is at the top of my wish list. The Wellness Council has taught me that self-care is not selfish and will make me a more spirited individual this season. I’m also letting go of perfection this year, which already makes me more joyful going into the holidays. For brands and consumers alike, these types of tips and suggestions—focusing on what we have the power to control—can help us all maintain our wellness journeys and keep our positive attitudes from crumbling at the first sight of ugly sweater parties and champagne toasts.

I welcome you to join me in following our Wellness Council’s advice, so that all our celebrations, interactions, or business dealings will be as enjoyable as possible this holiday season. That’s a gift to yourself that you shouldn’t refuse.

Wishing you all a very happy and wellness-filled holiday season!

Check out these holiday posts from our Wellness Council members:

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Bryan deCastro is a vice president and group manager within the Wellness Sector, leading teams and nurturing client relationships across the wellness industry. With more than 18 years of experience, Bryan has established himself as an expert leading integrated brand marketing and public relations campaigns as well as navigating and often disrupting the evolving media landscape. A passionate storyteller, he strategically crafts targeted yet authentic narratives to ensure brand voices are heard and differentiated within the lifestyle and wellness space which captivate consumers, activate audiences and influence behaviors. Bryan is also a Ketchum DE&I Council member and an OPEN Pride SoCal Chapter representative.