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Since its beginning in 1988, Comunicación Corporativa -- Ketchum's Central America affiliate -- has held fast to the vision of providing strategic, innovative and high-quality communication services to clients not only in Costa Rica, but throughout the entire region.

Although each of the countries that form the Central American isthmus has distinct markets and cultures, the agency has been able to successfully carry out this vision through a network of offices and alliances.

Headquartered in San José, Comunicación Corporativa has offices in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama with a growing staff of more than 60 people. It also has alliances with agencies in Honduras and the Dominican Republic. To ensure delivery of seamless high-quality services in every Central American country, the agency's collaborators are all local communicators or journalists with intimate knowledge of the characteristics of their particular markets.

Comunicación Corporativa offers a range of public relations and marketing services, constantly develops and improves its full-service approach to public relations. Under the practice areas of brand marketing and corporate communications, the agency offers these services:

  •  Issues and crisis management
  •  Media relations
  •  Public affairs
  •  Workplace communications
  •  Business-to-business communications
  •  Community relations
  •  Investor relations
  •  Corporate and promotional activities
  •  Creative productions

What’s more, Comunicación Corporativa also provides a suite of individual communications products, such as crisis preparedness planning and media training, as well as expertise in such industry sectors as technology, environment, tourism, and banking and finance.

Providing testament to the caliber of Comunicación Corporativa's work is its list of leading regional and global blue-chip clients, including Amanco, Atlas Electric, IBM, Cisco Systems, Delta Air Lines, EARTH University, Scotiabank, KFC, Roche, NuevaGroup, Papagayo Peninsula Project, Gerber and Nokia, among others.

Beyond Central America, the agency is continually developing closer relationships with colleagues in the Ketchum's global network through engaging in joint international projects as well as sharing best-in-class standards and practices.