From Mainstream Stories to Action: Are We at a Tipping Point for Women?

Earlier this month I was in Ketchum’s San Francisco office and led the fourth installment of our panel discussion series, “Real Women Fostering Women’s Leadership.” The discussion focused on, “From Mainstream Stories to Action: Are we at a tipping point for women?”

I was joined by a group of very talented and accomplished women including Stephanie Douglas, Executive Assistant Director of National Security Branch, FBI; Athena Maikish, Global Director of Analytics, Reporting and Data Science, Stubhub; Jocelyn Mangan, VP, Consumer Product Management, Open Table.

I learned a lot during the session and was inspired by their thinking on the importance of pushing the boundaries of one’s comfort zone to experience professional growth, the merits of male and female mentorships and the mainstream discourse about female empowerment.

And in an effort to ensure that this is not just talk, we discussed whether we are, in fact, seeing an increase in women in leadership positions across our respective industries, how we can help to further this progress, and our suggestions for making tough decisions at important crossroads in one’s career.

We put together the following video excerpts with more advice from this accomplished panel of women.

Please note that you can also view the entire hour-long session here.