Four Tips to Ensure Measurement Satisfaction

PRSA has asked our very own Doctor (David) Rockland to write a monthly column with answers to common measurement questions.

For this month’s edition he responds to a question by highlighting four tips to ensure satisfaction when it comes to measurement. They include the following:

  1. Set goals before you start the project. Determine who you want to change, what should change and when this will happen by.  Jessica’s goal could be to reach 25 percent of all consumers ages 25-34 without children by the end of 2011 with the message that the Loved Ones Alarm Clock exists.
  2. Add quality to measurement of media coverage.  Jessica should have gone beyond tracking impressions.  Determine the number of target audience members you reached and whether those messages included key product features.  And forget about AVEs — they’re useless.
  3. Work with your client. See if your client has an ongoing brand or advertising tracking survey (most companies do).  Ask them to attach several questions to such surveys that track outcomes instead of  launching your own survey right away.
  4. Give them what they want. If the client conducts any form of market analytics, then provide your media measurement data to the client or his analytics department in a manner that will be useful to their market analytics efforts.

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*Image courtesy of PRSA.