Five Reasons Why We Are Capable of Being Great Storytellers

Advertisers have had the benefit of paid placement and guaranteed messaging for decades. Money could buy reach and frequency even if the ad did not change minds or inspire action. But now that media has splintered and consumers turn to online recommendations before buying, paid media is declining and marketers of all types have to earn, not buy, consumer attention.

Great stories are one of the most powerful forms of human communication. They have the power to earn attention that does change minds and inspire action. And we are particularly adept at telling the great stories that our clients need right now to earn attention. Here’s why:

  1. We have always had to “earn” our placement and messaging. Our work has to be creative and compelling enough to break through the filter of cynical media.
  2. We know how to tailor and package an approach based on a reporter’s beat or a blogger’s focus. We don’t buy categories of media. We pitch, or tell a story, one-on-one.
  3. Even before “social” was in vogue, our work was social, conversation-based, like a story. It’s a two-way dialogue, not a one-way push.
  4. With the array of digital tools now available to us, we can now apply and develop our two-way communications skills online as well as IRL.
  5. Ketchum’s Practice areas and agency footprint enable us to be part journalist, and part-strategist; two key strengths that help us develop and tell stories. We are on the front line of popular culture and world events and have access to deep expertise, continuous training and global scale. That journalist/strategist approach enable us to unearth the “full story” for our clients – a story that is compelling, honest and worthy or earning media and consumer attention so that our clients can break through.