Edition 6

This week we take a closer look at life indoors. With lockdown in the UK extended for another three weeks (at least), the nation is becoming increasingly inventive with how it passes its time and we’ve seen countless brands explore unusual ways of bringing the outdoors in.

In a week when we heard that the UK would remain on lockdown for a further three weeks, pressure has been applied to the government to release an ‘exit strategy’ for when we might look to partially return to ‘normal life’. The nation has been tested over these past six weeks and broadly, we’ve seen incredibly compliance. But humans, by their very nature, are social beings, and it’s clear their patience and resolve will be tested, if it hasn’t already.

The Economist ran a fascinating article at the beginning of this month which explored this topic through the lense of several personal case studies. It was clear about the fact that “traumatic events, from natural disasters to war, can damage people’s mental health” adding “the COVID-19 pandemic is no different.” The article also adds that “touch and social networks are essential for humans” and can “slow down the rate of [personal] decay.” It’s acknowledgement of this which partially explains why we’ve seen so many companies play a social role in helping people connect in novel ways with the great outdoors from inside.