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Change Management & Employee Engagement

Ketchum Change is a leadership and change management consultancy. We help envision, architect, execute, communicate and sustain organizational transformation and enduring behavior change. Whether building your brand from the inside out, sharing strategy to gain competitive advantage, or igniting a more innovative culture, we stand ready to partner with you.

Today, organizations exist in an environment of constant, fluid change. At Ketchum Change, we determine the behaviors and systems needed to support change and create targeted plans to implement and sustain it.

How We Add Value

  • Empower employees to embrace and lead change
  • Enable change and power culture with  targeted organizational effectiveness, learning and talent solutions
  • Deliver the brand by creating and sustaining powerful connections between brands and employees
  • Drive strategy by fostering emotional and intellectual connections between employees and business strategy
  • Design and build a more social business and culture
  • Create compelling internal communications programs to drive superior performance
  • Design and assess communication and marketing functions to support and propel your business strategy and goals
  • Measure and demonstrate results

Our consultants in New York, Chicago, London, Dubai, Dallas, Toronto and Atlanta have significant experience in management consulting, internal communications and human resources. Advanced degrees in organizational psychology, business administration and education contribute to our diverse expertise.

Join Our Team!

We are collaborative and highly motivated. An entrepreneurial spirit is at our core. Innate curiosity, passion for what we do, and a strong ambition to succeed aren’t just part of our DNA. They guide the way we do business. We are always interested in expanding our network. To view the full job descriptions and apply for any open position with Ketchum Change, please visit the Careers page.

To get an inside view of what it is like to work at Ketchum Change, please view the video here.