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Liquid Change Study

Dynamic business environments and cultures of continuous change are the new normal for large organizations. This trend will only accelerate and, as a result of this omnipresent paradigm, Ketchum Change surveyed over 500 leaders of large corporations within seven countries to gain insights on how change has affected the people who feel it most–employees.

  • 95 percent of respondents report managing change is critical to business success
  • 74 percent of those surveyed said change fatigue exists in their companies, within those, 39 percent said it is highly prevalent

What causes change fatigue?

  • Senior leaders not recognizing the exhausting effect continuous change and volatility has on employees
  • A disconnect on the impact of change between the C-suite and senior leaders: 28 percent of partners and C-suite executives think change fatigue is highly prevalent in their companies, compared to 42 percent at the SVP, director and VP levels SVP levels

Smaller companies seem less impacted by change fatigue. Just 29 percent of organizations with fewer than 35,000 employees feel change fatigue is highly prevalent, compared to 49 percent of those at companies with more than 35,000 employees.

Ketchum Change has identified the following four behaviors that are essential to success in changing environments:

  • Transparent: 73 percent say communicate in a human way
  • Pioneering: 69 percent say mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Dialed-in: 72 percent say engage employees in dialogue around changes
  • Agile: 70 percent say be energized when approaching change

Leadership behaviors, corporate cultures and organizations’ operating systems must adapt and become more “liquid” to seize competitive advantage.

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