Capturing Cannes: Challenging How We Look and Listen

My goals this week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity were to observe, listen, look, engage, and document the event through the power of video and sound. I wanted to capture the essence of Cannes: the work being displayed, the discussions being had and the inspiration it all sparks.

Armed with a camera and bag full of gear, Rachna Patel, Anna-Maria Pospich, Eugene Litman and I set out to record the work and insights of some of the most creative minds on the planet. I’ve been a part of some of the world’s biggest productions—Super Bowls, the Olympics—but they pale in comparison to the creativity, activations and work at this festival. Cannes is about challenging us all to take risks, to “notice the peculiar,” to rediscover the power of storytelling.

We interviewed people like CNN President Jeff Zucker and award-winning actor Laura Dern, who shined in front of the crowds and our cameras during Ketchum’s “Classic Hollywood Meets the YouTube Generation: Who Are Fans Following?” panel discussion. Inspiration also came from individuals outside of the mainstream—a roboticist pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, a neuroscientist studying memory and how it affects brands.

For me, this event is about the collision of simple and complex. Where a single moment can be as effective in delivering a message as an elaborate plan of action. It’s the unexpected, the unscripted, that can be the star. The notion that a simple idea can be meaningful for a brand, and memorable to us all.

Here’s a 30 second clip featuring a few of the exciting moments our cameras captured at Cannes…

Here’s a playlist featuring more of the footage we shot throughout the festival…

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Bob Peterson is as an Emmy award-winning television producer and creative director with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Before joining Ketchum, Mr. Peterson served as the executive creative director of KATIE, Katie Couric’s Emmy-nominated syndicated daytime talk show, where he oversaw all aspects of the overall look of the show. Prior to KATIE, Mr. Peterson led the design and production of numerous CBS News shows including The Early Show, Face the Nation, CBS Special Report, and Up to the Minute. He has covered 15 Super Bowls, 10 Kentucky Derbies, three Olympics, and both the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500 as well as many other global events.