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VidCon 2017: Building an Influencer Strategy That Works Right Now

by Kimmy Kovacs| June 29, 2017

After networking and learning among the 20,000 attendees, ranging from influencers to brands and agencies, at VidCon 2017 we came away with four considerations for brands and their influencer marketing strategies.

Short-Form Video: The Next Crop of Storytellers Are Homegrown

by Debra Forman| June 28, 2017

It’s no secret that today’s younger consumer is cut from a different cloth. They don’t want as much TV as their elders – they are focused on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. The evolution of media has helped mold a new generation that demands a constant flow of smart, snappy content, and frowns upon advertising and […]


by Rob Flaherty| June 26, 2017

On a personal level, I couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling Cannes Lions experience this year. From introducing Laura Dern, Grace Helbig and our Marcus Peterzell in Classic Hollywood Meets the YouTube Generation on the big stage, to accepting Lions with some of our most valued colleagues, agency partners and clients, to learning from […]

Capturing Cannes: Challenging How We Look and Listen

by Bob Peterson| June 23, 2017

My goals this week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity were to observe, listen, look, engage, and document the event through the power of video and sound. I wanted to capture the essence of Cannes: the work being displayed, the discussions being had and the inspiration it all sparks.

From Opening Your Eyes to Finding Your Voice, You Can Find It All at Cannes

by Mindy Rubinstein| June 22, 2017

The reasons why people go to the Cannes Creativity Festival span from winning awards to making deals, to networking with clients to gaining inspiration. And sure, there are some, maybe more than some, who would say that everyone comes to Cannes for the parties and the yachts. But to me, a self-professed Cannes nerd, it’s […]

#InspiredbyCannes: Insights from the Inside

by Gabriel Araujo| June 21, 2017

It was truly an honor to be a PR juror at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Deliberating with esteemed colleagues and peers and, ultimately, rewarding innovation within the industry was an experience I will not soon forget. Along with my fellow jurors, we had the pleasure of acknowledging some truly exceptional cases […]