Cannes Communiqué: Technology Is the New Creativity

This week, a Ketchum contingent is in attendance at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in southern France, where the global marketing industry has gathered to celebrate what’s working, what’s coming and what’s hot in marketing communications. Here are some on-the-scene reports.

While some may think that technology is transforming creativity, the panelists for today’s session on the subject argued that technology IS the new creativity. The premise will be truly realized by today’s youth, because kids grow up now surrounded completely by technology in almost every dimension of their lives.

Almost every interaction between brands and consumers today is conducted via technology. Content creation, content distribution and content experience are all driven by technology. Plus, technological tools are now available to the masses, meaning they can take content and tailor it in ways that makes it their own., pop-culture icon and creative director for Intel, introduced some provocative thoughts on marketing and the role of agencies. Marketing is no longer valid, he contends. Marketing is now “communitating,” or building and facilitating communities. And, the role of an agency, he challenged, is to turn consumers into agents that add value to community.

If we use’s definitions for the future of marketing and agencies, it seems that PR firms are particularly suited for the challenge.