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Soccer, tango, polo or great wines, Argentina is best known for its passionate approach to everything we do. A land of beautiful climate and highly educated people that has produced several Nobel prize winners, some of the best writers of the 20th century like Jorge Luis Borges and a couple of great sportsmen. Yes, we have also had political unrest, "Che" Guevara and Evita Peron.

At Ketchum Argentina we try to add to our passion some precision. During the last 10 years we have been working for many multinational clients like Dow, Dupont, Delta Airlines or Hilton Buenos Aires. We have also specialized in Brand Public Relations, working for several Unilever brands like Rexona and Ala, for Cadbury´s confectionery or all the lines of Pernod Ricard, the second largest producer of alcoholic beverages of the world. On the healthcare side, we work for Roche, Wyeth, Galderma, Lymphoma coalition and many more. We are one of the top five agencies in Argentina and our 40-people team is in love with Public Relations. We are creative and passionate, used to working with clients all over the world.

Please contact us to know more about how we can help your brand or company to became one of the Argentinean loved ones.