Breaking Through for Our Employees

At Ketchum, we pride ourselves on being an agency that is recognized for delivering break through work for brands throughout the world. We are known for our award-winning creative and innovative ideas. However, an agency doesn’t deliver great work. The people who work for the agency do.

We are a borderless agency, and we get the best ideas for our clients by encouraging the sharing of thoughts and ideas. Workplace, Facebook’s newest enterprise social network product, helps us do this. Similar to personal Facebook with its groups and newsfeed features, it connects our entire global employee base. Workplace helps us share knowledge across business units in a more efficient way, it has helped cut down on email, and it has helped us come up with better ideas for clients.

There have been two notable shifts since we have introduced Workplace at Ketchum; first, our employees are connecting significantly more with those who are outside of their usual work teams. With broadened networks and new relationships, we can learn more from one another’s experiences resulting in increasingly diverse, creative ideas for our clients. Second, we have brought more real-time learning into our organization. Whether an employee is using the Workplace Live feature to share a first-hand experience (we have had employees broadcast live moments from industry events such as CES and client launch events) or sharing a learning from a Ketchum University training session they just attended, we are bringing the most current information to all of our people in an easy and modern way.

We are in a client service industry and a critical part of delivering exceptional service is constant open feedback. We want to not only hear from our clients, but from our employees too, which is why we have partnered with Glint. Glint’s innovative and fresh technology combines sleek, easy-to-complete pulse surveys with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

We are currently conducting our Q2 2017 pulse survey (Ketchum employees reading this – don’t forget to complete your survey!), and we are looking forward to the results. With Glint, our organization is able to listen to what our employees are saying multiple times per year and can make the changes that are most impactful in a rapid manner. Also, unlike many large, annual employee engagement surveys, this pulse survey is short, it has been customized specifically for our business, and managers can log on and see results for their team immediately once the survey closes. The immediacy of this platform helps to ensure our talent is getting what they need from our organization.

As seen in the basic tenets of the employee service profit chain, Ketchum will continue to thrive and be a successful, creative firm as we are a company that deeply cares about developing our people and creating a strong, collaborative agency. In return we will deliver the highest quality, most creative work for our clients. Workplace and Glint are novel, modern organizational tools that will continue to make our people, and therefore our agency, the best in the business.