How Brands and Employers Can Support the LGBTQ+ Community

July 6, 2021

Pride 2021 came to a rousing close last week, but the turning of the calendar cannot mean we turn our focus away from the continued education, dialogue and focus on accelerating acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s critical that we expand beyond each community’s “month” and focus on intersectionality for every race, identity, and ability all year long, particularly as more than 250 anti-LGBTQIA+ bills are being weighed by federal, state and local legislatures around the country.

During Ketchum’s latest “Real People, Real Talk, Real Issues” panel, we took the opportunity to explore Pride through the lens of policy, legislation and the freedoms that are, or are not, enjoyed by members of the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond. I had the privilege of speaking with executive director of the Victory Institute Ruben Gonzales, as well as activist, senior member of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce and candidate for PA House District 182 Jonathan Lovitz. It’s not lost on us that Ruben, Jonathan and I could all be at risk of losing our jobs if we lived in one of the 27 states in America with a lack of anti-discrimination protections. And while there are certainly silver linings, it’s important that we recognize the work that still needs to be done and the role that each of us plays.

Whether you come to this conversation as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, an intersectional ally, or you’re gathering information to determine where you stand, listen in service of empathy. In this highlight from our discussion, Ruben and Jonathan share how brands and workplaces can authentically lead and advance progress.

(Ruben Gonzales, executive director of the Victory Institute, and Jonathan Lovitz, senior member of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce and candidate for PA House District 182)

At Ketchum, our purpose is to show up every day for each other and our clients to do work that matters to the world. As we move into the second half of 2021, remember that the policies impacting diverse communities don’t go away when Pride or any “month” changes to the next. Pride is about inclusion in all its forms, throughout the year — for the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. Together we can continue to champion those who act as forces for good, and guide those who can use a hand to get there. If you are open to discussing opportunities to positively impact underserved communities, please feel free to contact our team of DE&I experts to start the conversation.

Ketchum CEO Mike Doyle leads one of the world’s top communications consultancies, helping companies tell their stories, connect with the people they care about most and use communications to inspire action. Mike has helped clients launch products and services, merge or acquire new companies, navigate issues and crises and determine their purpose in an increasingly competitive, connected and consumer-empowered global society. He is the executive sponsor for Omnicom’s global OPEN Pride employee resource group and serves on the global Board of Directors for GLAAD, the world’s leading organization dedicated to accelerating acceptance for the LGBTQ community. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a graduate of Muhlenberg College, Mike splits his time between New York City, Asbury Park, New Jersey, and on the road, serving Ketchum’s extraordinary colleagues and clients.