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What Can Teens Teach Us About The Future of Social? (Video)

by Ben Foster| September 30, 2014

There were numerous Social Media Week Chicago panels with technology experts telling us about the future. For the most part, the panels and panelists offered an interesting point of view. Knowing that perspective was covered, I set out to see what I could learn by asking a younger generation of internet users how technology has […]

How to be Entrepreneurial at an Agency – One Millennial’s Perspective

by Sarah Unger| September 19, 2014

The next generation of workers – millennials – seems to be everyone’s concern, especially the media’s. If you Google “millennials” and “work” you will be hit with a barrage of reports on how to attract and retain millennial employees, many of which contradict one another. In some cases, the advice is sound: a healthy social […]