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Dispatch from Davos 4: Digital Journalism–More than a Drop in the Bucket

by Rob Flaherty| January 28, 2013

At a session last week titled “From Tabloid to Tablet,” we heard perspectives on the turbulent world of journalism from leaders of Google, Thompson Reuters, the Financial Times, Business Insider and Al Arabiya, among others. Most interesting to me was the advice to fellow journalists from Jeff Jarvis, former big-time editor, best-selling author, creator of […]

Dispatch from Davos 3: Dignity and the Dandelion Story

by Rob Flaherty| January 25, 2013

Ketchum is dedicated to giving back to our communities on both a local and a global scale. As part of the ongoing exploration of emerging social responsibility models, last night I accepted an invitation to a dinner to learn more about a relatively new organization called Global Dignity. The dinner was hosted by the organization’s […]

Davos Dispatch 2: The Three Hurdles to Healthy Living

by Rob Flaherty| January 24, 2013

In this season of new year resolutions, you may think that the biggest obstacles to healthy living are lack of willpower, a lack of time to exercise and a love of cheese, pasta and good wine. OK, those are my obstacles. However, at the more serious global policy level, the real obstacles to reducing chronic […]

Davos Dispatch 1: The World Economic Fishbowl

by Rob Flaherty| January 23, 2013

Transparency leaps out as a pervasive dynamic in Davos today. Perhaps it’s fitting as Hugette Labelle, chair of Transparency International, is one of the Annual Meeting co-chairs this year. But it’s more than that. Davos was once a far more private affair. Sure, the world knew it was happening and there were always flag-draped photo […]