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The Value of Hybrid Events

by Nichola Welch| September 8, 2014

With the increased mobile workforce making it difficult to bring people together, how can events evolve to meet the changing demands of the market? Events expert, Nicola Welch shares some top tips on the benefits of running hybrid events.

What Could Change if Scotland Votes No?

by Jordan Campbell| September 8, 2014

Anyone who thought that Scottish rejection of independence was a foregone conclusion has been well and truly humbled in recent days with a dramatic narrowing in polling giving the Better Together campaign seemingly now only the slightest of leads. A remarkable moment, highlighting just how much momentum the ‘yes’ campaign has built in recent weeks, […]

The Power of Presentation

by Lilia Bednarek| September 8, 2014

Mark Twain once commented: “There are only two types of speaker in the world: One – those who are nervous and two – liars.” The performance of a presentation is frequently the difference between one that engages and one that sends an audience to sleep before you’ve even delivered a single key message. Effective presentations […]