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Adding a Sprinkle of Stardust to British Politics

by Nicola Hanley| June 3, 2015

As a self-confessed Kardashian junkie I should hang my head in shame. It’s true, I’ve been more likely to spend my commute scrolling through the Mail Online ‘sidebar of shame’ than taking much notice of the latest issues raised at Prime Minister’s Question Time. However the 2015 election was different, and I believe this had […]

Britain’s Re-elected ‘CEO’

by Rupert Lewis| June 3, 2015

As three of Britain’s political party leaders fell on their swords spectacularly after the General Election, a sense of uncertainty descended upon David Cameron, his party and the British people. The ‘known’ outcome of the election was obvious for all to see. Labour failed to secure victory. The Liberal Democrats were in meltdown. The Scottish […]