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Loyalty and Division: The Challenge Facing David Cameron and His Party in the Run up to 2015

by James Hardy| May 30, 2013

Before the local elections in May there was a pervading sense of a Conservative revival. Opinion polls were seemingly static with Labour polling no more than 12-points above the Tories and the death of the former premier Margaret Thatcher bringing about a sense of togetherness that party spin doctors had only dreamt about since the […]

Tom Foremski: Corporate Media Could Displace Traditional Media But Must Be Audience-led

by Stephen Waddington| May 14, 2013

Corporations have spotted a gaping hole in the market left by traditional media and are attempting to fill it with their own forms of corporate media. But according to former-Financial Times journalist turned media entrepreneur Tom Foremski, corporates are failing to connect with their audiences and there are very few successful examples of the genre. […]