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Why “Vote Ukip, Get Miliband” Won’t Be Enough to Deliver a Conservative Majority

by Chris Abell| October 3, 2013

The sustained rise of Ukip over recent years has stunned psephologists, commentators, politicians and even, the ever so wise, public affairs profession.  Much has been written recently arguing that if the Conservatives can just successfully communicate the simple message “vote Ukip, get Miliband” in the run up to 2015 they will get much of their […]

Britain’s Political Leaders Set Out Their Stalls For the Next Election

by Rupert Lewis| October 3, 2013

Yesterday the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron brought the curtain down on the annual political road show which is party conference season. Party conferences are often pretty stale affairs. Each political leader endeavours to reconnect with his tribal supporters. Policy promises are made (and usually junked shortly afterwards), competing parties are lampooned and almost every […]