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Pharma At The Social Media Tipping Point: A Report From #SMWKetchum

by Paul Middleton| September 27, 2013

The Pharma industry has been engaging with social media for several years now, but we’ve become far too accustomed to seeing Facebook pages that have been closed down, You Tube channels with comments disabled, and twitter feeds with only 20 followers and a ‘last post’ made over a month ago. Social media is all about […]

Another Great Wall Is Coming Down: A Report From #SMWKetchum

by Paul Middleton| September 26, 2013

In 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall paved the way for German reunification and a new Europe. The demolition of this barrier ushered in new liberties for millions of people and sent images of joyous celebration beaming around the world. Today another barrier is falling, and its long term impact may be just as […]

Ketchum Hosts Five Events for Social Media Week

by Paul Middleton| September 20, 2013

In 2013 social media is still exploding with 90% of media interactions now screen based, new apps every day and ‘finding through sharing’ challenging the dominance of Google search.  If you’re in London between 23 and  26 September you’ll find hundreds of events designed to keep you ahead of the curve as the city celebrates […]