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Social Media Week London Day 5: Influence, Sharing, Like Minds and Sore Heads.

by Melissa Wolfe| February 20, 2012

The final day of Social Media Week London 2012 wrapped up the event and made sure it finished on a high. Despite the official closing party on Thursday night, attendees were wide awake for Like Minds’ ‘Trust and Social Influence’ event at 8:30am. It generated the most conversation of any event all day, as the […]

Social Media Week Infographic

by Melissa Wolfe| February 17, 2012

A live hangout and the psychology of online influence: day 4 at Social Media Week London Day four of Social Media Week London saw the much heralded Google+ talk. With a packed turnout and a live Google hangout allegedly converting many of the attendees to the possibility of this medium – “The woman from Google […]

Is Facebook the Right Place for Your Brand?

by Andrea Fuller| February 17, 2012

No one said Facebook wasn’t a popular online destination, especially since as of January 1, 2012, an estimated 845 million users were signed up for Facebook, worldwide. If 845 million people are in one spot, then as a brand I should be there as well, right? Not necessarily.

Can Twitter Change The World? Day 3 of Social Media Week London

by Melissa Wolfe| February 16, 2012

Day three of social media week started with a bang and, yet again, Social Media Week visitors showed a propensity towards early morning tweeting: a spike of conversation at 9am remained untopped throughout the day. With some diverse events – from food photography to Social Business, and including trends in mobile and teenagers’ use of […]

The Power Of Google+. It Is More Than Just A New Social Network.

by Katherine Watier Ong| February 16, 2012

Curious about Google+ and what impact this new social media platform that is developed by the world’s largest search engine might have on search engine ranking and search engine optimization tactics? Or are you just curious about how to use Google+ as a new social network for your brand? This post will cover both, and […]

Social Media Week Infographic

by Melissa Wolfe| February 15, 2012

Yesterday was day two of Social Media Week (London) and, aside from the discussions around social media and love, Valentine’s Day seems to have had an impact on the conversation. Our volume graph shows a dramatic decline in the level of online conversation throughout the afternoon and a couple of thousand less online mentions compared […]