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At the Intersection

by Petra Sammer| November 22, 2013

Once upon a time we trusted our bank managers. Once upon a time editors decided which news was important. Once upon a time we checked our facts using library reference books. Once upon a time we were confident in our major institutions. Then the internet happened. Information became democratised and globalised. Citizen journalism took hold. […]

Five Lessons To Master For Success in PR

by David Gallagher| November 20, 2013

I recently had the privilege of delivering a guest lecture at the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Media at the University of Oklahoma. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to see how public relations is practiced all over the world by some of the best and brightest people in the business, and I’ve come […]

Story Makers Will Write the Future

by Robyn Massey| November 18, 2013

It’s not often we get to think about the future; in fact life can be so hectic I sometimes think it a miracle I manage to get food in the fridge! So what a treat it was to be asked to attend the Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity in Singapore. Want to escape rainy London […]

Recent Twitter Updates Make Tweets More Valuable

by Tom Cornish| November 15, 2013

Over the last few months, Twitter has rolled out a few updates that make it a more valuable resource for the media. Everyone knows that Twitter is where stories break – it’s real-time, responsive, and usually a step ahead of traditional media. However, when we come to look at the Tweets themselves, they’ve usually lost […]

10 Crowdsourced Business Travel Hacks

by Stephen Waddington| November 13, 2013

Travel is a necessity for employees of an international agency like Ketchum. Things such as client work, international trade meetings and agency initiatives such as the Ketchum Scholar program or Camp Ketchum keep us on the go. Ketchum’s European service team is a group of hardened business travellers who help support our clients, offices and […]

The Benefits of Being Sketchy

by Jeff Lewonczyk| November 11, 2013

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