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The Politics of U.S. Energy Policy: Revolution or Status Quo?

by Matthew Simmons| October 31, 2012

The energy policy discussion has changed significantly since the 2008 election. Two major points of discussion that year – promoting nuclear energy and climate change legislation – fell victim to a major natural disaster and the lingering economic pain caused by the financial crisis. In place of those policy options, the landscape has been remade […]

The Presidential Debates, Empathy and the Wisdom of Mister Rogers

by Tom Barritt| October 4, 2012

We all want to be loved. That’s a universal truth and something that presidential candidates and all communicators need to consider. It’s a simple, human desire to hope that somebody out there cares about us. If Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s now infamous “47 percent” quote has any impact on the 2012 election it is this.  […]

The Washington Viewer Guide to the Upcoming Election Debates

by Editor| October 3, 2012

The wall-to-wall coverage of the upcoming presidential and vice presidential debates is in full swing ahead of tonight’s first tête-a-tête between President Obama and Governor Romney. Much of the coverage has zeroed in on the latest polls, the expectations game each side is playing and arm-chair quarterbacking what each candidate must do – or not […]