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Repicture Women

by Karen Strauss| June 18, 2014

While I was locked down in the jury room at Cannes, many of my Ketchum colleagues were experiencing the full array of sights, sounds and ideas the Festival has to offer. Here is the story of an epiphany experienced by Karen Strauss, our Chief Strategy and Creativity Officer. – Petra Last week, upon accepting an […]

The Evolution of Man

by Bill Reihl| June 13, 2014

With Father’s Day just around the corner there has been much talk about the evolution of the modern man and today’s dads. So who is the modern man and what does he want? We were curious too since much of our work and many of Ketchum’s clients focus on the male consumer.  So we asked […]

The World’s Toughest Anti-Spam Law and You: No More Mr. Nice Canuck

by Geoffrey Rowan| June 5, 2014

The caricature of a typical Canadian is hockey-mad and polite to a fault, but that image – true or not – may change when the world’s toughest anti-spam law comes into effect in Canada on July 1. No more Mr. Nice Canuck. The relationship between Canada and the U.S. has been so cozy for so […]