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(A)social network

by Prita Das| February 27, 2014

Facebook turned the ripe old age of 10 earlier this month. The birthday celebrations included creating a news-reader app, Paper, and trawling through photos of its 1.23 billion users to send them (overly) nostalgic videos of their Facebook lives so far. It’s hard to remember a time when the concepts of poking and liking referred […]

Have We Forgotten the Importance of Local Communities?

by Ian Savage| February 27, 2014

The modern day public relations professional has a variety of communication channels and platforms at his or her disposal, and with communications at the heart of the Winter Olympics currently underway in Sochi, the art of stakeholder engagement is becoming more and more high profile. From social media to printed media, the opportunities available for […]

60 Seconds with Ketchum: Language of Influence

by Keith Yazmir| February 27, 2014

Wonder why some of your marketing messages fall on deaf ears? Keith Yazmir, Partner and Managing Director EMEA at maslansky + partners, shares his insight into crafting specific message frames and words that change perceptions and influence decision-making.