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Plinth People

by Jon Higgins| June 30, 2010

Been to Trafalgar Square lately?  In the northwest corner, on the infamous “empty” fourth plinth, there’s now a stunning work of art called “Ship in a Bottle.”   It’s a replica of “HMS Victory” – the ship in which Admiral Lord Nelson’s scored his decisive naval victory in 1805.   Trafalgar Square itself stands as something of […]

In a Flap Over Mudguards and Salesmanship in Beijing

by Nick Wheeler| June 25, 2010

Salesmanship is at the heart of public relations. As public relations practitioners, we develop strategies and tactics to help companies establish their reputations so that people trust them, because only when people trust a company will they consider purchasing its products or services. We use creative branding programs to differentiate our clients’ products or services […]

Globish Friends

by Jon Higgins| June 21, 2010

I must have half a dozen friends who have told me they learned English by watching the American TV sitcom, “Friends.”  My buddy Akmal from Uzbekistan even has the accent from his favourite character, Joey. (I have to say it was a little odd to hear him say “Hey! Fuggetaboutit!” — perfectly in character, in a street […]

South Africa Calling!

by Michele Anderson| June 16, 2010

Bafana! Bafana! Bafaaana! This was the sound of thousands of ordinary South Africans who heeded the call of a local radio station and some corporate sponsors to come out and show their support for the national team. Now, it is pretty much accepted that our boys are not going to hold the solid gold symbol […]

Clods and Sods

by Jon Higgins| June 14, 2010

 Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be goalies. Especially if you’re English. “Hand of clod”, “All-time goal-keeping howler”, “Rob’s clanger”, a psychologist describing the similar traumatic impact of a road accident.  These were just a handful (sorry) of pronouncements from the UK media after Robert Green, England’s goalie, fumbled a shot and allowed the ball […]

Celebrating an Offbeat World Cup

by Charles Leonard| June 10, 2010

Charles Leonard is a Media Director in the Johannesburg office of Magna Carta, a four-time PR Agency of the Year in South Africa. Magna Carta is Ketchum’s exclusive affiliate partner in South Africa, providing the full spectrum of strategic communication services to blue-chip clients in private and public sectors.  If one of my heroes, reggae […]