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An Influencer Marketing Campaign Cracks the Code on Triple-Digit ROI

by Michele Murray| August 27, 2021

It is rare to see campaigns these days that don’t in some way include influencer marketing. And why wouldn’t they? They tap into someone else’s audience to spotlight a product or service, to increase awareness of the product or brand, raise sales and move the needle for the business. Yet influencer marketing for many years […]

The Hollywood Effect on Plant-Based Food Brands - photo of two young celebrities eating burgers in the back of a limo

The Hollywood Effect on Plant-Based Food Brands

by Jimmy Szczepanek and Tommy Ringhofer| June 25, 2021

Plant-based food brands, once considered niche products for yogis and hippies, have officially gone mainstream. Plant-based options are prominently displayed alongside the ground beef of your local supermarket and are popping up at Wendy’s (a Ketchum client), which just introduced the Spicy Black Bean Burger to its Made to Crave menu in three test markets. […]

Marketing to moms

How Marketers Can Win Moms’ Hearts

by Lauren Sugarman| May 6, 2021

Since Similac’s “Sisterhood of Motherhood” ad back in 2015 shined a satirical spotlight on marketing to moms, countless brands have called for an end to the mommy wars, telling us women to stop fighting and start getting along. Well, for the past year-plus, the pandemic has waged a war on moms, and most brands haven’t […]

There Are No Good Guys or Bad Guys in Food - herd of black angus cattle in grass field

There Are No Good Guys or Bad Guys in Food

by Kim Essex| April 30, 2021

In food PR and communications, part of our job is to tell stories. But too many stories have heroes and villains, and the world of food production isn’t quite that simple. I’ve spent a better part of my career in the meat industry. I am passionate about animal protein on many levels: nutritionally, environmentally and […]

A Dietitian Looks Back on 15 Years of Change in Nutrition Communications - young couple enjoys food at a restaurant.jpg

A Dietitian Looks Back on 15 Years of Change in Nutrition Communications

by Jaime Schwartz| March 1, 2021

Close your eyes and remember a time before the “miracle on the Hudson” turned Twitter into a source for breaking news, when Facebook was only open to students with a college email address, and before a baby who bit his brother’s finger became one of the first viral videos. This is a frame of reference […]

Dietary Guidelines for Americans - photo illustration featuring various types of cuisines

What Food Marketing and Comms Pros Should Know—and Do—About the New Dietary Guidelines

by Lisa Bruno, MS, RD and Dylan Bailey, MS, RD| January 19, 2021

In case you missed it, the U.S. Departments of Agriculture (USDA) and Health and Human Services (HHS) released the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) in the typically quiet week between Christmas and the New Year. The DGAs are critically important for food policy decisions and will shape the general guidance on consumer eating patterns […]