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Food Insecurity: The Most Critically Misunderstood US Issue?

by Sarah Unger| June 30, 2012

As far as world problems go, hunger seems an obvious one. We all consume food and we’ve all heard that rumble from the stomach when we go a bit too long without any. Every day we interact intimately with food, so theoretically we should understand the issues faced when one must go sans food, right? […]

Ever Heard of Aspen Ideas Festival?

by Sarah Unger| June 27, 2012

Unlike Davos, Cannes, and TED, Aspen can fly under the radar…unless you’re in an elite group of thought-leaders who convene in the mountains to discuss the world’s biggest issues (sounds cool, right?). Each summer, roughly 300 speakers assemble to prompt discussion around diverse topics such as the pressures of an exploding population, the roots of […]

No Cannes Do

by Kelley Skoloda| June 20, 2012

Last year, when I attended Cannes, I was impressed by a number of the individual presenters – like Robert Redford, and notable business leaders – as well as intrigued by the big-picture trends that percolated over the course of the week, such as purpose-driven brands. Since I arrived at this year’s festival, the presenters […]

Who’s Earning It

by Karen Strauss| June 20, 2012

The PR industry had better stop thinking it has a corner on “earned” media, because that’s what the ad game is focused on too. According to the introduction to last night’s Creative Effectiveness Lions ceremony, the awards honored “the best work today at a time when you CAN’T BUY ATTENTION and YOU’VE GOT TO EARN […]

The Seven Master Ideas

by Andrada Morar| June 20, 2012

One of the most refreshing sessions I’ve attended so far was a workshop led by Patrick Collister, publisher of Directory. It promised to “provide instant inspiration for creatives, a sanity check for anyone who ever has to write a creative brief and even the means by which agencies can work more efficiently and make more […]

Predictions for the Mobile Internet and China’s Impact

by Andrada Morar| June 19, 2012

Between my passion for social media and the looming presence of China in today’s world, there was no way I was going to miss a Cannes session entitled “Social + Mobile + China: Navigating the Biggest Land-Grab in Advertising History.” With more than half a billion Internet users and nearly 400 million going online with […]