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I Think I’ll Join a Cult: The fanatical followers of Berkshire Hathaway

by James Peters| May 9, 2013

Over a blistery cold weekend, some 35,000 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders (AKA Berkshire fanatics) waited in the pouring rain for the start of the savored annual meeting. Their prizes were the opportunity to get their hands on the goods for sale by savvy Berkshire Hathaway merchants, and a chance at learning from the two peanut-brittle chomping […]

Mom 2.0: An Outside Perspective

by Sarah Unger| May 8, 2013

“Mommy bloggers.” A term in our industry that rarely doesn’t conjure up a reaction. The idea that moms, already a population that overindexes on opinion-sharing, have a sub-industry of online websites where they can share judgment on life, has rubbed some the wrong way. PR practitioners are familiar with mommy bloggers as a coveted influencer […]