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Quotes and Photos from TED: Day 1

by Sarah Unger| February 29, 2012

Prior to arriving at TED I knew I wanted to share the experience with you by way of Twitter and the Ketchum blog, but I don’t know that I anticipated it being quite so hard to choose what to share. I mean, this is TED, the land of only great content. It’s kind of like […]

Getting Blown Away at TED

by Sarah Unger| February 28, 2012

Sarah is currently experiencing her first time at TED, and she will be reporting back her experiences on the blog this week. Yesterday on my pre-TEDActive activity I got to venture out into the Coachella Valley to take a closer look at sustainable energy — wind farms in the flesh. Vaguely understanding the concept of […]

My First Time at TED

by Sarah Unger| February 27, 2012

TED. The one mind-blowing, brain-enhancing event that everyone wants to experience. I haven’t met a single person familiar with TED who doesn’t wish they could be up there on the podium, presenting worthy material in a concise format, landing on revelatory insights to share with a broad audience (made only broader by the viral pass-along […]