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Davos Dispatch 1: The World Economic Fishbowl

by Rob Flaherty| January 23, 2013

Transparency leaps out as a pervasive dynamic in Davos today. Perhaps it’s fitting as Hugette Labelle, chair of Transparency International, is one of the Annual Meeting co-chairs this year. But it’s more than that. Davos was once a far more private affair. Sure, the world knew it was happening and there were always flag-draped photo […]

Did Your News from CES Get Through?

by Gur Tsabar| January 23, 2013

I’m guessing that the answer to this post’s title question is a big fat no (unless you or those with whom you socially network hail from the marketing arena).  But otherwise, I’ve seen no evidence suggesting that the Twitter and Facebook feeds of most lit up with news coming out of this massive confab, as […]