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Beyond the Promised Land – Five Reasons the European Fracking Controversy Is Different

by Anatol Frantzen and Georg Schmitt| February 21, 2013

Last Sunday, Berlin’s film festival “Berlinale” came to an end with the glamorous award ceremony. If Matt Damon didn’t get an award for his enviro-drama “Promised Land,” he still managed to fuel a debate that was also ignited at least three years ago by another film – Josh Fox’s “Gasland.” At the heart of both […]

Modern Energy Battles Demand Science-Backed Stakeholder Support

by Jerry Thompson| February 19, 2013

With the recent 60 Minutes TV profile of Daniel Day-Lewis, who so powerfully portrayed our most popular US President in the 2012 bio-pic “Lincoln,” we continue to examine the emotion and pain of the Civil War. With President Obama’s SOTU address, we’re reminded that the nation remains essentially at war over the development and delivery […]