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Think Humans First: Is Your Post-Pandemic Office Worth the Commute?

by Lauren Butler| July 5, 2022

In the journey to a hybrid workforce, could a more human-centric office overcome the resistance to showing up in person?  As leader of Ketchum’s Employee Engagement client specialty, I read voraciously every morning to stay on top of workplace trends and ensure we’re always looking around corners for our clients. But it was at a […]

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Does Corporate America Have the Fortitude for True DE&I?

by Maxine Enciso, Gur Tsabar and Michelle Abtahi| June 21, 2022

In the wake of the 2020 police murder of George Floyd, which reignited a national reckoning on racial justice, corporations and brands were seemingly quick to answer the calls for greater transparency and accountability. One organization after another announced wide-ranging social justice and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) commitments, promising a sea change. But only […]

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Leading with Empathy When Shelves are Bare

by Jimmy Szczepanek and Jordan Campbell| June 9, 2022

The nationwide baby formula shortage has stimulated a host of emotions that range from stress, concern, fear, frustration and outrage. It has triggered the U.S. government’s crisis response, including facilitating emergency shipments of baby formula from Europe and Australia, and a military airlift to ensure that the products get to those in need. The recent […]

2021 Year in Review: Ketchum’s Most-Read Blog Posts

2021 Year in Review: Ketchum’s Most-Read Blog Posts

by Chris Ditner| December 23, 2021

If 2020 was the Year of Unknowns, 2021 has been the Year of Uncertainty. At times it has felt like one step forward, two steps back. We’ve seen a year marked by the highs of COVID vaccine availability, the reopening of shops and restaurants, the emotional reunions of families, and the evolution of how co-workers […]

Act Now: Four Trends in 2022 Employee Communications

Act Now: Four Trends in 2022 Employee Communications

by Tamara Norman and Lauren Butler| November 9, 2021

How do we keep our most important stakeholders – employees – engaged and enthusiastic brand ambassadors in a prolonged hybrid work environment? Communicating with employees during an evolving Return to Office strategy must change dramatically in 2022.   During AMA’s Coffee Break series, we laid out four trends we are seeing in employee communications that organizations must plan for now. In […]

Show Up. Stand Up. Why Values-Based Leadership is the New Normal

Show Up. Stand Up. Why Values-Based Leadership is the New Normal

by Mike Doyle| November 9, 2021

Looking at the year ahead and the powerful mix of opportunities and obstacles, the real new normal is that there isn’t one. How we as marketers and communications professionals tell our brand stories and showcase values-based leadership is more important than ever.   During AMA’s Coffee Break series, two leaders at Ketchum and I took time […]